About MED World One

With a vision to become the key specialist resource partner to hospitals and healthcare centers, MD Stock International has been a pioneer in the provision of top-notch medical and laboratory equipment, supplies, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and consumables for two decades.

Setting New Standards In The Industry Of Buying & Selling Hospital Equipment For Two Decades MD Stock International is an industry leader in the provision of medical, surgical supplies, laboratory chemicals, laboratory consumables, diagnostic equipment, dental consumables, microbiology, clinical chemistry, instruments, pharmaceuticals, and industrial products.

Founded in the year 1999, we have been supplying premier quality hospital and laboratory equipment, machinery and supplies to our Hospital Partners for almost two decades. From our headquarters in Freeport, Trinidad and Tobago, we reach out to a massive clientele based in the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia and a number of other major countries around the globe.

We offer reliable and unparalleled customer service and an expansive inventory of laboratory equipment and supplies, medical equipment, medical instruments, orthopedic equipment and safety supplies. Our exclusive listing services offer competitive pricing for all listed items, to offer the best quality of equipment at the best prices for our clients and partners. Take a look at our inventory listing to purchase your hospital equipment needs TODAY!!

Medical Supplies
Consultancy Service for Medical Institutions
We offer sales support in :
Lab Design and Furnishing
Laboratory Supplies, Chemicals and Equipment
Pharmaceutical Products
Clinical Lab Instruments
Diagnostic Kits and Controls
Personal Protection Equipment
Organic and Custom Synthesis Products
Cell Culture Supplies, Protein Assay Kits and Reagents
Field Service, Technical Services, Procurement Solutions
What we offer before, during and after the sale:
In-house services including warranty and field repair services, check up, and installation calibration.
On-site services including warranty and field repair work, start up, and installation
services and preventative maintenance plans.
Custom programs to meet your unique requirements.
Rental and lease programs.
For consumables and supplies that we have ex-stock, we deliver in twenty four (24) hours.
Organic and Custom Synthesis Products
Consultancy programs for laboratory designs and equipment.
our visionImproving Healthcare Standards Of Medical Facilities Through The Best Equipment.

Our aim is to become the key specialist resource partner to hospitals, healthcare centers and territories for the provision of top-notch medical and laboratory equipment, supplies, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and consumables, as well as to contribute to the development of an enabling environment, so that everybody has access to healthcare services with international standards of excellence.

Through our services, we create unique partnerships with our customers by catering to their medical, pharmaceuticals and laboratory needs. We contribute to the personal growth and commercial success of our hospital partners, transforming them into leaders in the Healthcare industry!



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